Posted on by Franne Golde

One of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received is this beautiful white porcelain colander in the shape of a heart.
Now I like collecting them. I have several and use them often.
I got tired of waiting for an occasion; I decided everyday is an occasion,
everyday is a gift!
Another friend treated me to this gorgeous green MacKenzie and Childs colander
and then I found another.
Now that it's berry season, get a colander, doesn't have to be fancy,
rinse some berries and share them with someone you love. 
I found this one at a garage sale!
This little basket colander is from Crate and Barrel and comes in blue,
yellow and red, but the white is my favorite! 
I love giving this as a hostess gift filled with strawberries.
This is an older one from Crate and Barrel that came in several colors!


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