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Five Things I Can’t Live Without

Five Things I Can’t Live Without

(In The Kitchen)!
When I love something I love sharing.
One of my favorite things to give friends are things that will be put to good use and that they’ll love as much as I do!
Kitchen Sponges
I love these sponges and always buy several more packages to give to friends. I’ve given them as hostess gifts and just a gift when I have people over. I’ve been using them for years, maybe 20!
What makes them so special is that they hold the soap for quite a while, they’re soft, but sturdy, clean dishes, pots, pans and make my counter tops gleam! I also use them to spot clean my rug or even a garment. I’ve used it dry, as a suede brush, to refresh shoes and boots. I microwave mine once a week to disinfect and change it out about once a month.
The Best Dish Towel and so much more!
Good old fashioned Flour Sack Towels! They usually come in 12 packs – I’ve seen them at my local hardware store, but you can also find them online and on Amazon!
Great Hostess gift! I like to wrap a few of them with some green raffia, take a small card, write something fun, use hole punch and attach. It’s always a hit and people have said it changed their lives! I get it! It’s pretty awesome!
As a dishtowel this ROCKS! So absorbent and it washes beautifully. I use them on my countertop too, after I sponge them down, the BEST!
Here are some other things I use them for:
Dust cloth
Window Cleaner, no lint, no streaks.
Salad spinner (to dry lettuce leaves)
Drying fruits & veggies after washing.
Line a breadbasket
Best of all – LESS PAPER TOWELS!
100% Cotton makes them SUPER absorbent
Machine washable – no lint – get even better with washing and age.
Don’t use fabric softener they won’t be as absorbent.
Glass Food Storage Containers
I really like using glass over plastic whenever possible and these Frigoverre Glass Storage containers are my answer. I use them when I cut up a whole melon, store leftovers or pre-make a sandwich.
It has an airtight BPA free plastic lid, is dishwasher safe, microwave safe (without lid) odor and stain proof, can be used in the freezer or fridge and are made in Italy!!
And I love seeing them stacked in my fridge.

You can find them on Amazon, Target and many local hardware stores.
Water Bottles
I love cold water, but had to change my ways. No more plastic bottles. Not only are they bad for the environment, but also the water tastes different and some argue that the plastic leaches into the water releasing harmful chemicals.
I switched over to glass. I like the ELLO glass bottle for the road and my favorites are the ones lining my fridge. They were a gift from a friend. They are beautiful 1-liter bottles, engraved with beautiful affirmations. She gave me, Joy, Abundance, Gratitude and Love. They are so lovely to put on the table at meals or for company. Also, you can create your own bottle. I plan on doing that next time I’m looking for a special and unique gift.
As an aside, Masaro Emoto did experiments with water exposed to loving words and negative words in the early 90’s and his findings were quite interesting. Whether you believe or not, there’s something wonderful about drinking water out of a bottle that says LOVE!
Here’s a link if you’re interested:
Last but not least I love fresh flowers in my kitchen. There is so much going on in the world and so many stressful things we encounter everyday. It’s nice to have some beauty around you. Something to make you feel good, while you’re having your morning coffee or preparing dinner, or just passing through your kitchen. Trader Joe’s always has reasonably priced flowers and you deserve it, no excuses!