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I LOVE Denim!

I LOVE Denim!

I used to wear jeans almost every day, until they started to be uncomfortable. They were cut to fit low on the hips and very tight. Zipping them up was another issue, -- depending on the brand, they could make the fingers sore and, in some cases, required laying down to zip up. After a meal I always felt like unzipping them; sometimes on the way home I did. I’m sure some of you can relate!
More recently, lots of stretch jeans have come to market, but, as Bono might say, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.” 

I don’t want to wear Jeggings, I don’t want low rise, and I don’t want something that looks like denim. 
As was the case with my “Magic” pants, necessity is once again the mother of invention. I wanted real denim, something that came up to my waist, no zipper, stretchy, structured, no side seams, smoothed the hips and thighs, super comfy, no bagging out, soft, washed beautifully and a jean I could wear casual or a bit dressy. And last but not least, super figure flattering, which I promise you these are!
If you’re like me and haven’t worn jeans in the last decade…welcome back!
Introducing FG Denim! Made In America, in Los Angeles, CA.
p.s. The sample pair I’ve been wearing has been washed at least twenty times. They hold their shape, feel amazing and everyone tells me I look like I’ve lost ten pounds. Well, maybe five…