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June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

As some of you know, I’m passionate when it comes to spreading awareness about Alzheimer’s.

My family has been seriously impacted by this devastating disease and I know I’m not alone.

Both my mother and father suffered from late onset dementia and my husband was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s in his mid-fifties.

I’ve made it my mission to create awareness and tell my story to as many people as possible.

You can read my story here:

It’s so important to those suffering and their caregivers to know they’re not forgotten. 

I feel fortunate to have such amazing friends and family.

I’m also fortunate, and grateful, that I have help to take care of my husband, and yet I know there are millions of people who don’t have access to help. They are isolated, stressed out, lonely and get no break.

We take for granted the simplest things, like brushing our teeth, taking a shower, using our mobile phone, making a sandwich, knowing left from right, speaking without pause.

Alzheimer’s robs its victims of everything, including, in the end stages, remembering their loved ones.

I continue to hope that the many brilliant scientists working on finding a cure, will.

In the meantime, here are some important tips to keeping your brain healthy. You may have heard them before, but they bear repeating: 

Sleep - Eight hours is ideal, but even seven will work. It helps with memory retention. It’s hard for me to stay asleep for a solid eight hours, but I’m trying.

Brush Your Teeth – Yes! It has been determined that gum disease can play a decisive role in whether a person develops Alzheimer’s or not.

Nutrition - Eat more salmon, almonds and any and all berries. They contain lots of nutrients that protect brain function.

Exercise - Even brisk walking 20 minutes a day will help decrease brain amyloid.

Emotional Wellbeing - Hang out with family and friends, take a class, do yoga, practice meditation, go to movies, musical or theatrical performances. Any of these can help decrease the risk of dementia.

Mental Fitness - Reading is great for keeping the mind active. Our phones, iPads and computers have become our brains. They do it all with a click of a mouse. Next time you need to add, subtract, multiply or divide, try doing it in your head. As they say, use it or lose it. Also, brain games are a fun way to exercise your brain. I just read about Brain HQ, one of the top-rated brain game Apps. You can sample it online at

For the month of June we will be giving a percentage of your purchase to a caregiver in need of some respite.

Our mission is to help those in need, one caregiver at a time.

If you know a caregiver who could use a break or a new outfit, please let us know so we may keep them in mind.