Quick Dinner

Quick Dinner

Quick Dinner!


Working full time, being a wife, mother and caregiver is not easy, so I try to plan ahead and when I can’t, I’ve learned some shortcuts that help.

Maybe these can help you too.


I get tired of takeout and restaurants and sometimes I just want a home cooked meal, something fast, easy and delicious!



This is one of my favorite go-to meals.


Fresh Trout, Salad and String Beans


Here's my step by step:


Stop at the grocery store, on the way home, park and sit in my car for 10 minutes to chill with my guided meditation. I like the Headspace App. I really need those 10 minutes to breathe and shake off the day.

I love my local supermarket. I’ve been going there for years and know almost everyone. It reminds me how important connection is, an exchange of warmth, a familiar smile, hello or a hug can make even the hardest day feel better and even give you some energy.

No time for chopping, slicing and dicing so I:


1 – Get a container and hit the salad bar.

I’m in the mood for Mediterranean, so I get a nice helping of each of the following:

Roasted Peppers

Marinated Artichoke Hearts

Red Onion

Assorted Olives


Cherry Tomatoes


There are so many choices for what ever you’re in the mood for. I don’t like the extra calories of the dressings, even though I love Ranch so I’ll make my own at home.


2 - Go to the Fish case and visit with Eduardo. He picks two beautiful pieces of Trout for me and I’m off to the Produce department.

3 – I grab a bag of fresh String Beans, washed and ready to use.

4 - Go to the checkout line where my favorite cashier is stationed.

Chat, pay and drive home!

5 – Breathe.

6 - I always have lettuce from the farmers market in my fridge so I take a couple handfuls, put it in a bowl with all my salad bar ingredients, a little sea salt and ground pepper 6 tbls. Olive Oil and 3 tbls. Vinegar and voila!

7 - Put my trout in a frying pan, with some EVOO and Herbes de Provence  (both from Trader Joes).

8 - Get the micro waving my string beans. My husband sets the table and within minutes we’re sitting down to a beautiful, delicious dinner!


P.S. Clean up by my wonderful husband <3


Hot bath in order!


Catch up on my taped TV shows, last minute email check and hopefully a good night’s sleep!