Posted on by Franne Golde

Every May when my anniversary rolls around,
I'm reminded of how special my wedding day was.
So many friends and family showering my husband and I with love, something I’ve decided should be done regularly for everyone, and not need a formal occasion to pronounce.
It reminds me that life is not a dress rehearsal.
It's so important to let the people you care about, know how much you love and appreciate them, as much and as often as possible.
And always be aware of all the doors and windows on your path and walk and fly through them.
Every moment counts!
With that in mind, I will once again share my favorite wedding day story:
My marriage took place at my friend's Encino Estate, an exact replica of The Beverly Hills Hotel in all its pink and green splendor. 
            The sun was going down and the main floor bedrooms were filled with the bridal party. One of my maids of honor was pinning baby's breath into my up-do of soft curls while a videographer asked me trivial questions, and I nervously bit my lipstick off.  
The string quartet was greeting the guests with Canon in D, while rows of white wooden chairs were filling up with friends and family and white lilies and candles floated in the kidney-shaped pool.
This was my dream wedding, like a scene out of a movie.
"It's time darling." My friend Sue said, in her English school-girl best.
I took a deep breath and let out a silent scream of excitement.
I was shaking, pacing and humming, I always hum when I'm nervous. 
            My husband to be, Paul and I had decided to walk down the aisle by
ourselves, after all we were 30 somethings.
I watched through the window as the bridal party walked down the aisle and took their places and now it was my turn. I walked to the paned glass doorframe that led to the yard, overflowing with friends and family and stopped dead in my tracks.
Something didn't feel right.
This wasn't a dress rehearsal.
There were no re-dos.
I waved to one of my bridesmaids and mouthed "Come here! Please, hurry, go get my dad."
Our teary eyes met and we were grinning from ear to ear. He took my hand and walked me
down the aisle to thunderous applause. 
My dress was Vintage Laura Ashley that I found on SALE for $150.00.
Underneath was a beautiful, white lace, strapless bra and a white three-layer, tule slip that I had to climb into, that tied at the waist.
Such great memories!