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      Good Girlfriends Share Good Things - Winter

      Good Girlfriends Share Good Things - Winter

      Farmer’s Market Salad Greens

      I love making salads for lunch and this time of year Kenter Canyon Farms, who sell at my local Farmer’s Market, feature their Winter Mix. It is so yummy and best of all triple washed and ready to go! I toss it with whatever I find at the market. 

      This week I got beefsteak tomatoes, pitted Medjool dates, tri-color carrots, Persian cucumbers, broccolini and berries (raspberries, blueberries and blackberries).

      I toss my Winter Mix with peeled carrots, sliced cucumber, tomato, a couple stalks of cold steamed broccolini, two chopped dates and then sprinkle berries on top.

      Dressing is ½ fresh squeezed lemon, 2 TBLS. olive oil, salt and pepper!

      p.s. I always microwave my lemon for 20-30 seconds to get the most juice out of it.

      Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler

      I’ve tried many eyelash curlers, and this is my current favorite for the last year. It lasts forever, stays tight and is really well made. I like to warm it up a bit, under hot water, dry and curl.

      Even if I don’t wear eye makeup, I love how it opens my eyes.

      I’ve also tried Kevyn Aucoin’s mascara and although I liked it and it really lengthens, I’m still a Maybelline diehard and always have one on hand. The only other mascara I’ve been enjoying is Cover Girl’s Clump Crusher Lash Blast. Have fun!


      Alastin Sunscreen Tinted Moisturizer

      I absolutely LOVE this product. I use it every day, it’s light, not greasy and doesn’t have that telltale sunscreen smell. Even though I don’t need sun protection at night, I use it if I’m going out. It’s truly my main makeup base. It leaves my skin looking dewy and has just the right amount of coverage. I always add a dab of cream rouge. NARS has a great one, that I used for years, but unfortunately, they’ve discontinued my favorite shade, Malibu. I have one left and then I guess I’ll have to switch. WHY DO THEY DO THAT?

      Neutrogena Towelettes

      I also love and have used for years, Neutrogena makeup remover towelettes, as part of my nighttime ritual. I follow it up with a nice hot, steamy towel and let my skin soak up the moisture, while I take a few moments to breathe!


      Classic Magic Pant

      I have to admit I’ve been ignoring my baby, the original Classic pants, the ones that started my whole journey, the ones that O Magazine dubbed “Magic.”

      I’ve been hooked on the All Season Stretch, the Denim Skinny’s, The Cigarette and loving the Manhattan, when I party.

      A few days ago, I was getting dressed for a day of meetings and slipped into my original “Magic” pants. They felt fantastic! I looked in the mirror and thought, wow, these are really great!

      It made me emotional, remembering how it all started, all the research and development, how many samples I made and how I made all my friends try them on, and the first thing they’d say is,

      “These are amazing. I love them!”

      And how good that felt.

      So, for the last week I’ve been living in them and loving them. Knowing, of course, I can still wear all my other favorite pants! But really, it was a wonderful reminder of how grateful I am to be on this amazing journey, that all started with the Classic “Magic” pant, that will always hold a special place in my heart.

      Have a great holiday and a happy and healthy 2020! 


      The Wild One

      The Wild One

      Back in my rock and roll days I owned two leather jackets, one well worn, vintage, dark brown motorcycle jacket and a Member’s Only black leather jacket, seen below.

      I love leather jackets and now that there are so many faux options, that look fantastic, I was determined to find a faux leather jacket for our Fall Collection. It had to be cool, comfy and classic.

      As luck would have it, I found one! I call it, The Wild One! It’s not only great looking, but super comfortable with panels of stretch Ponte that give it a modern look along with great style and makes it roomy but tailored.

      I like to wear it with of our tunic tops or our sleeveless tanks to give it a layered look. Add a scarf and the All Season Stretch pants and one of my many pair of suede ankle boots and I’m good to go. It also looks fab with the new Retro wide leg Jean and of course the James faux leather pant, which has a Ponte backside to guarantee comfort and fit for just about every body.

      Let the Fall Begin

      Let the Fall Begin

      Fall is my favorite season. I love when the trees turn golden yellow, burnt orange, honey brown and red. The air gets crisp and cool and it’s time for ankle boots (my favorite footwear), scarves, sweaters, wraps, coats and more “Magic” pants!

      I am so excited about our Fall Collection!

      I’ve got lots of fabulous new pieces to share with you.

      Our “Magic” pant collection is growing - we’ve just added two new colors to our All Season Pant and a Cigarette Pant in our all new Urban Twill fabric.

      More denim is on the way, a wide leg jean will be added to the FG Denim Collection.

      One of my favorite new pieces is our Westwood Duster, a nod to our Katharine button-down, in Leopard or Black. It’s the perfect piece to wear with leggings, pants, buttoned, belted, open or even as a dress!

      For the Italian Ponte lovers we will be adding a Legging in Black, Heather Gray and a Faux Leather Ponte mix, a Heather Gray Athleisure pant, a structured V-neck, drop shoulder, long sleeve, dressy sweatshirt and by popular demand we are bringing back the Black Pencil skirt! Add to that our classic, sleek, one button luxe ponte jacket and you’re good to go anywhere.

      And of course we have lots of wraps and scarves to complete your look, make it your own and have fun with!

      I hope you love all our new pieces as much as we've loved making them.

      Thank you so much for being part of the FG family -

      Live Your Dream

      Live Your Dream


      When I had a spark of an idea ten years ago, I never dreamed I'd be where I am today. I’m so grateful to all my early believers and friends who encouraged and supported me in my leap of faith, my reinvention.

      My dream was to make a "Magic Pant" for everyone! So when my dear friend of almost thirty years, Janet Gunn, The Grateful Gardenia, approached me last year about doing a Petite Capsule Collection, I didn’t skip a beat. I loved the idea and had been getting lots of requests to make a petite pant. I took it as a sign and in June 2018 we presented our collaboration.

      Anyone who follows Janet knows her incredible style, exquisite taste and boundless creativity, so in addition to her capsule collection and in keeping with our motto, good girlfriends share good things, we are ecstatic to present a special collection, curated by the one and only Grateful Gardenia herself, Janet Gunn.

      Watch as her collection grows and unfolds. I can’t wait to see what fabulous pieces Janet finds for us! 

      Live your dream -


      Summer Salads

      Summer Salads

      I always look forward to end of June when the summer fruits start showing up at the farmers market. I immediately start making my summer salads. Not only are they colorful and beautiful to look at, but are exploding with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

      Healthy and delicious, what could be bad?

      Here are two for you to enjoy over the holiday and all summer long!

      Each serves two or three, but add more lettuce and goodies for more people.

      Red White and Blueberry Salad

      2 handfuls of Mesclun
      1 handful baby Spinach
      1 large Beefsteak Tomato sliced
      1 large White Peach sliced
      1 cup Gaviota Strawberries
      ½ cup Blueberries
      ½ cup Raw Trail Mix
      3 tablespoons EVOO or whatever you prefer
      1 tablespoon Balsamic, White Wine or Wine Vinegar
      Pinch of Salt
      Pinch of fresh Ground Pepper

      Sweet Summer Delight

      Handful of Radicchio
      Handful of Baby Romaine
      Handful of Arugula
      2 Persian Cucumbers sliced
      1 medium Beefsteak Tomato sliced
      2 - 3 small Apricots sliced
      1 cup of Gaviota Strawberries sliced
      3 tablespoons EVOO or whatever you prefer
      1 tablespoon Balsamic, White Wine or Wine Vinegar
      Pinch of Salt
      Pinch of fresh Ground Pepper

      I get the BIG white bowls at Ikea! I love them!!