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      The Boutique

      For as long as I can remember friends and family have been borrowing or I’ve been giving them clothes from my closet. It feels so good when someone tries something on, looks in the mirror, loves what they see and is so excited that they have to have it. The right clothes make you happy and confident!

      I’ve always had a knack for finding things in my daily travels and when I do, I love letting all my friends know about them. That’s why I’ve created The Boutique, a place where I can share the gems I find with you. I hope you have fun and enjoy. Feel free to share because good girlfriends share good things!


      the Joy Jacket the Joy Jacket
      the Stretch Drape Golde Vest the Stretch Drape Golde Vest
      the Golde Vest the Golde Vest
      Uptown Readers in Urban Tortoise
      Twiggy One-Eyed Reader Twiggy One-Eyed Reader
      Fashion Mask Fashion Mask
      Sophia Net Wrap Sophia Net WrapOn Sale
      $59.50 $78.00
      Ishana Tunic Ishana TunicOn Sale
      $49.50 $78.00
      Black Magic Lace Jacket Black Magic Lace JacketOn Sale
      $119.50 $148.00
      Coco Jacket Coco JacketOn Sale
      $112.50 $158.00
      Sai Wrap Sai WrapSold Out
      Embroidered Garland Lariat Embroidered Garland LariatSold Out
      $29.50 $48.00
      Uptown Readers in Blue Marble
      Black Velvet Readers Black Velvet Readers
      the Casablanca Wrap the Casablanca Wrap