What Our Customers Around the World Are Saying

"Best pants in the business!"

"With my career, I travel a lot and I need to be presentable at all times. I’ve been waiting for someone to come up with items I can throw in a bag, not have to pack and iron and not stress with how I look or feel after a 12 hour day. I’m truly addicted to the elegant simplicity of your clothes. They are the core basic pieces to my every day wardrobe. Thank god for you!"

"Franne, you are simply the best! Your clothes are so great, and I really enjoy the experience of being able to shop and get my favorite pants! I cannot say enough about you and how very special you are. A shining light and always so sweet!"

"I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND SHIRT! Thank you so much!"

"Franne—just received my reversible pink tank. Love, love, love!  Also, couldn’t believe how fast it got here. You are rockin' it!"

"Instantly lean and elegant, I'm an addict. The clean lines give almost any body a soigné Audrey Hepburn look. Best of all, they redefine comfort. Just the right amount of stretch and fabulous seaming. I've got a few pair and am angling for a couple more. Is there a recovery center for these?"

"My FG Pants have made getting dressed in the morning, once a dreaded chore preceded by nightmares, an easy, carefree experience!"  

"These pants make me look fabulous and totally pulled together, year-round, dressed up or dressed down—the perfect NYC wardrobe staple! Thank you, dear Franne!"

"I just got my first Franne Golde outfit. In fact, I just put it on and had to write you immediately.  YOU ARE GENIUS! Both the top and bottoms are amazing, fit perfectly and feel so comfortable... and make me look like I weigh less than I do! This won't be my last order. "

"Haven’t taken the pants off. I’m telling EVERYBODY about your store."

"Franne’s tops have become the foundation of my every day wardrobe." 

"I love the feel of the pants, the length, and the waistband!"

"The only thing better than Franne's extraordinary clothing and accessories is the experience of being styled by Franne herself! She magically transformed my look from traditional to fabulous, and I am oh-so-grateful!"

"Your pants... well, they are very comfy and flattering! Of course you know that! Count me in as very impressed. Can't wait to try on more of your designs!"

"Wearing them right now.  Love them! So comfortable and flattering!"

"Yesterday, my first order from Franne's Closet arrived! GORGEOUS classy packaging—can't wait to wear my new pants. I hardly ever wear anything else!" 

"Besides being an uber Renaissance Woman, shopping Franne Golde is like knowing your best friend is designing everything that screams YOU!" 

"Want: Handsome 40-ish man, breathing, of course. $$$ would be nice. Need: 2 pairs of black classic pants immediately!"

"LIFE CHANGER. They look great and fit great!"

"I wear everything I have gotten from you over and over. As you always say: 'I just live in this.' Well, I just live in everything! You are a huge success and I look forward as always to the next installment of fabulous clothing."

"I love the pants! Size 8 was perfect. At some point I'll order a pair of the Skinnease. I want your business to be so successful!"

"You ARE the best in class! Just got my pants in the mail, and they look and fit perfectly. So happy."

"Love the clothes! The wrap dress, the necklace, the fit of the pants, love the fabrics. Incredible!" 

"I haven't looked this good in a pair of pants since I was seventeen.  That was 20 pounds and many more years ago!"

"Franne Golde’s line is sexy, cool and so incredibly comfortable. I feel long and thin and sophisticated when wearing it—and I'm 5"4. Thank you, Franne. I love, love, love your line!"

"My order was just delivered! And the pants are great!"

"Love my ankle length pants!"

"I wore my new pants all day and then to my office Christmas party that evening.  They are sleek, comfortable, and a pleasure to wear.  I'm absolutely going to order another pair!"

"They look great, and they fit great!

"Franne had pants that I'd been looking for ever since Cheregamo changed their line. They are fantastic! Not only fantastic, but 3/4's less the price! Her range of clothing is excellent, the prices great. I recommend anyone to check them out."

"They are amazing. I am addicted."

"WOWZA! Excellent! Just more, please!"

"I got my tote and just wanted to tell you how much I love it! It's the perfect size and will be my everyday run-around bag, too. I love the simplicity of it, the hardware, and the black contrast. Well done!"


"I've been looking for pants like these forever!”

"I just got the pants my mom ordered for me! They are aaaaaaaamazing! Thank you—I love them!"

"Every time I pull on my Franne Golde pants, I think of you. How great they are. How smart you are. And how proud I am to know you. Congrats on the success of your line."

"Hello! The pants came a few days ago, and I really love them. I haven't worn them yet but plan to wear them to my office Christmas party tomorrow. If I love them all through the day, I will definitely be ordering more!"

"I hope my mom likes the pants as much as I do!"

"I am so excited—just received my first FG order. The magic pants—one for me, one for my mom. They're so good; fit is perfect and we are both so happy. "

"Yay! The ankle pants just arrived and I love them! Perfect! Thank you for the suggestion. They are my new favorite. I may sleep in them."

"Thanks so much. I LOVE the Classic pants!"

"I'm going through IVF and have a great deal of discomfort and bloating in my abdomen. These pants miraculously hold me in without any pressure. They are amazing!"

"Most excellent pants! Even slimming on a short, stocky shape and comfortable like gym wear!"

"I just got my Classic 28” pants and they really ARE perfect. I love them!"
"WOW! My Boyfriend fits perfectly. LOVE IT, THANK U"

"I put my new pants on this morning, and I am OBSESSED! They are so comfortable—I love that there is no zipper—and they fit absolutely perfectly."

"I'm a new customer and, first of all, I want to tell you how thrilled I am with my two orders so far—boot cut pants and the reversible tank! It's rare for me to find things that flatter my tall hourglass figure and both of these are terrific."

"Love these pants! I've never bought anything online or anything that Oprah suggests! When I saw them on The View, they looked a little bit like leggings or tights. I was like: 'Dear God, I hope I didn't spend $60 on leggings.' When I received them, I was so happy! The texture and feel of my pants were magnificent! You go, Franne! These pants are awesome!"
"The Selena is a beautiful garment. Really well-made. And thanks for the special gift!"
"I just had to tell you that a friend of mine was raving about these pants she had gotten—the best pants ever! 'Who makes them?' I asked. When she told me they were yours, I told her that I knew your husband and knew about your company. So, congratulations! You had a vision and you created it! Well done, and I will just have to order a pair!"

"Okay friends, please indulge me for a minute while I go on my 'rant' about black pants (but not in my usual manner!). You know how I'm always getting on your s*&# for having a ton of black pants in your closet that you never wear? Yeah, that's right—the 3 different sizes you are holding out to one day fit into? Or the outdated styles you are hanging onto for the day that style circles back? Well... now I want you to add another to your collection!  No, what I'd rather you do is replace all of them with these: Franne Golde's Skinnease Black Pants! I'M SERIOUS—they are by far the best black pants you will ever buy, they come in a few different styles, they hold your stuff in everywhere, you feel amazing in them, they're great for everything, they don't lose their shape, and they are 10% off for new buyers, and also for repeat customers! I'm turning all my peeps onto these and the we're all in agreement—A MUST OWN! So see for yourself on FranneGolde.com!"

"'Are you kidding me?!' That's what I said when I effortlessly slipped into my brand new Franne Golde Classic Pants! Well done!"