KINDri Simple 4 Step Home Facial

$ 113.50
$ 113.50

You'll save $20.00 on your purchase of all four products.

Honor yourself and your skin with our simple at home facial for all skin types.  

Cleanse. Tone. Mask. Treat.

Receive full sizes of KINDri:

*Orange Almond Cleansing oil

*Desert Dew Facial Mist




This routine can be used two to three times a week.

*Prep your skin with Orange Almond Cleansing OIl and remove with a soft, warm washcloth.

*Liberally mist face and neck with KINDri Desert Dew Facial Mist and blot with a soft towel or tissue.

*Apply Clay with your fingertips or a clean mask brush over face, neck, (and shoulders, if you're removing in the shower). Let dry for up to ten minutes, wet fingertips with warm water and begin to massage into your skin. You will feel the exfoliating action of the finely ground pumice. Rinse completely with warm water.

*Lightly mist with KINDri Desert Dew Facial Mist and blot with tissue.

*Finish with a few drops of Bloom to hydrate and illuminate!

Follow with your favorite moisturizer or sun protection cream.

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