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      My name is Franne Golde, and I love creating! In 1980, I came out to Los Angeles to pursue my songwriting career and never looked back. Lingering in the background of everything I’ve ever done, though, has been my love for anything fashion. It's been an incredible outlet for me. Creating keeps me alive and brings me joy! I never imagined what life had in store for me. Getting to work with Diana Ross, Heart, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, The Commodores, Selena, Faith Hill, among others and being honored with numerous awards was truly a dream come true! Now I invite you to join me on this next leg of my journey and introduce you to the most comfortable, incredible fitting, and flattering pants, as well as the rest of my passionately sculpted collection! No life is perfect and for me it’s always been creativity that pulls me through. I encourage you to always use yours and be the reflection that inspires others.