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      Do something you're afraid of everyday


      My friend Steven says, "Do something you're afraid of everyday." With that in mind I took a hike in Franklin Canyon this week, one that I've never taken alone. Part of me wanted to turn back, I picked up a stick in case a coyote or snake crossed my path, highly improbable, but that's where my mind went and I continued on. There were a few super steep moments and I was leaning back to keep from sliding or falling, but I made it and I’m so glad I pushed myself!

      The air was cool and crisp and the enormous, blue sky enveloped me as I walked the trail accompanied by big old trees on either side of me. At the very end of the trail was a small wooden bridge, which is usually over dry rock and soil, but instead it was over a stream and a little water fall brought on by the recent rains. It was absolutely beautiful.

      I smiled, tossed my stick in the water and watched as it disappeared down stream!