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      "Just got my new LITE Classic Pants and they are deliciously superb! The feel, the fit, the look!"

      -C.W. New York City

      "My FG Pants have made getting dressed in the morning, once a dreaded chore preceded by nightmares, an easy, carefree experience!"

      -S.N. Atlanta

      "Franne!! I got my pants!!! I absolutely love them!!!!! They fit like a dream!"

      -A.L. LA/NY

      "I haven't looked this good in a pair of pants since I was seventeen. That was 20 pounds and many more years ago!"

      -S.G. Texas

      "You ARE the best in class! Just got my pants in the mail, and they look and fit perfectly. So happy."

      -B.R. San Francisco

      "I love the feel of the pants, the length, and the waistband!"

      -W.K. Seattle

      "The Selena is a beautiful garment. Really well-made. And thanks for the special gift!"

      -R.C. Palm Springs

      "Franne Golde’s line is sexy, cool and so incredibly comfortable. I feel long and thin and sophisticated when wearing it—and I'm 5"4. Thank you, Franne. I love, love your line!"

      -L.P. Denver

      "Love the clothes! The wrap dress, the necklace, the fit of the pants, love the fabrics. Incredible!"

      -A.A. Beverly Hills

      "Really, can’t say enough about how amazed I am that you got every bit of this right."

      -K.C. Los Angeles

      "The ALL-SEASON STRETCH are perfection personified and the Boyfriend shirt is wonderful. Anytime you have anything new. I want it!"

      -B.T. Chicago

      "I am so in love with my pants, I feel like they've changed my life! I look so good in them."

      -Z.L. Colorado

      "Best pants in the business!"

      -N.L. Los Angeles

      "Haven’t taken the pants off. I’m telling EVERYBODY about your website."

      -K.J. Florida

      "Wearing them right now.  Love them! So comfortable and flattering!"

      -W.P. Las Vegas

      "With my career, I travel a lot and I need to be presentable at all times. I’ve been waiting for someone to come up with items I can throw in a bag, not have to pack an iron and not stress with how I look or feel after a 12 hour day. I’m truly addicted to the elegant simplicity of your clothes. They are the core basic pieces to my every day wardrobe. Thank god for you!"

      -S.P. LA/NY/London

      "Franne’s tops have become the foundation of my every day wardrobe."

      -H.J. Kansas